2 thoughts on “5 Stages of Grief and the Grieving Process

  1. GnosisMan50

    Hi Carl,

    I hope you can answer my question regarding suffering. In Dr. Karen
    Horney’s book, “Neurosis and Human Growth- the struggle Towards Self
    Realization” she said this

    *“Only when the pride system is considerably undermined does he begin to
    feel true suffering. Only then can he feel sympathy for this suffering self
    of his, a sympathy that can move him to do something constructive for
    himself. The self-pity he felt before was rather a maudlin writhing of the
    proud self for feeling abused. He who has not experienced the difference
    may shrug his shoulders and think that it is irrelevant—that suffering is
    suffering. But it is true suffering alone that has the power to broaden and
    deepen our range of feelings and to open our hearts for the suffering of
    others. In De Profundis Oscar Wilde has described the liberation he felt
    when, instead of suffering from injured vanity, he started to experience
    true suffering”*

    As you may know Cal Jung said that *”neurosis is a substitute for
    legitimate suffering”*

    In Gnosticism, it was said that Jesus sung to his disciples the following
    excerpt from a Hymn.

    _If thou hadst known how to suffer,
    thou wouldest have been able not to suffer.
    Learn thou to suffer, and thou shalt be able not to suffer’_

    In reading the above passages,it’s safe to say that there are two kinds of
    suffering: real and imaginary or meaningful and meaningless. If a person
    who carries with him trauma from having been sexually abused and if he were
    to free himself from it, as Dr. Horney said, will it also free him of any
    other trauma he most likely had during childhood? In other words, does
    trauma reside all in one place in our psyche? 

  2. Newark Network

    Hi Carl great info! My gf and I are wonderful but she has a lot of anger
    from losing her dad she “play fights” with me all the time and calls me
    names and is irritable
    How should I handle this
    Should I set my boundaries or should I let it be and not take it
    Should I guide and redirect her anger?? What should I do?? She means the
    world to me

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