25 thoughts on “5 STAGES OF GRIEF | Short Film by: Marcus Johns

  1. Marcus Johns

    I want to show people I am beyond 6 second silly clips. That even though it
    is a form of art, my art is able to take any form or medium. Creativity and
    beauty through Versatility. 

  2. lakyra black

    I was completely in awe of what I thought was only the scenery of the park,
    but soon discovered it came from the nature of being in such a panicked
    state while surrounded by all that impeccable beauty. Faith is needed every
    where at all times. This is incredible. Great job.

  3. Jerry Chirip Jr

    Very well done! As an aspiring filmmaker this gave me inspiration to create
    beauty through imagination and wonder. Keep up the brilliant work & I would
    definitely would love to see more of your projects. Cheers!

  4. Melanie Gonzalez Pabon

    This is so good… Good job Marcus… I love all the nature in it… The
    message of never give up was in there and you make me smile at the end
    because thats what really happen in real life… all thats steps are in
    every situation… Im a student of Direction and Production at The
    University of Puerto Rico and I’ve never seen something like that before
    with so much art… congrats you are an ARTIST ♡ and sorry for my english
    Im Puertorican and english is not my friend xD

  5. Kaitlyn Holloway

    Your video was awesome! I loved it! I love that instead of keeping on doing
    6 second videos, you start to bring in your real personality on YouTube.
    You are really inspiring and have a lot of humor also! I loved the video,
    not because it was new, just because it showed a message. Keep on doing
    what you do! -KK

  6. Maxine Hook

    This is life changing. One of the best messages I have gotten out of a
    video. Im from New Zealand so I’m use to seeing beautiful nature all
    around, but the way you enhanced its beauty was so good! I’ve been a fan
    since you first started your vines, and this is just beyond next level!
    Looking forward to seeing more from you! 

  7. Becca Matimba

    Stunning job! It’s crazy how the title has almost a deeper biblical meaning
    than what it is actually, while beautifully capturing God’s creation and
    almost taking us along the path of our walks when we follow Jesus, sorrow
    and suffering being so near constantly. I love the concept, don’t know if
    that was it but it definitely was awesome to kind of see an interpretation
    of it! You’re a funny favorite viner of mine but even more talented artist.
    Keep on!

  8. Gluko Peponi

    Incerible work ! I am amazed! Tye landscapes are spectacular and I just
    can’t get enough of you and your talented genuine acting! I wish I can see
    you more , and in a big movie some day! Keep up the amazing work you do! 

  9. Ryan Gunnarson

    Good stuff Marcus. I’m a Christian and filmmaker (producer/actor) myself
    located In Los Angeles. I really appreciate the attention to detail you
    clearly put into this project. Well done dude. I’m sure we will run into
    each other in the future.

    Make more meaningful content! High-quality with a message. Nice job bro.

  10. Meredith Mathieu

    This had to be one of the funniest short films I have ever seen. So well
    edited with the funniest acting and script! I really hope to see more of
    this in the future!

  11. Princesss_Tiffy

    This was so beautiful. There are no words to explain how much I love it.
    There were so many mixed emotions into one. The scenery was gorgeous, the
    music was wonderful. Just everything. You did a great job putting this
    together and I’d like to say thank you for sharing this with us. Keep doing
    what you love. 🙂 

  12. Katy Crawford

    Wow! This is amazing! Just seing how you have progressed is just a gift. I
    definitely could feel God’s presence in this message. I dont know if that
    was possibly the goal but it is what it is… You are my fav viner and
    youtuber and i hope to see you in many more movies that have more meaning
    than expelled did,even though i did love that movie! It really means so
    much to all of your dans to see you expand artistically and to see that you
    respond to our feedback, because a thank you or emoji is enough to brighten
    our days! Good luck as always and God bless!

  13. subotic barbi

    Wow! Just. . . Wow. This video is so amazing, and not only because I’m in
    love with nature and its beauty, but because of the video’s message! It’s
    truly amazing how you converted the feelings and stages of what’s going on
    in your mind when you’re lost into this video. I loved it so much! Keep up
    the awesome work. Love you Marcus

  14. Samirah Yasmin

    This video is absolutely amazing! I just feel like I can connect with it on
    a deeper level and the concept of it is beautiful. The title of the video
    is great and the scenery in it is absolutely stunning! Just keep on doing
    what you’re doing Marcus! I’m proud. Been with you since the start of this
    channel and I’ll stay. I sincerely enjoy your videos and I very well think
    you’re capable of a lot more than just silly six second videos (although
    they’re pretty damn hilarious). Great job Marcus.

  15. The NeonTeen

    This video is amazing!! I’ll tell you Marcus when I watch your videos I see
    myself sometimes – the crazy side, the soft side, the artistic
    side…there’s just so much to you and I really look up to you. And this
    video just took me on an emotion roller coaster. Truly amazing! I hope you
    see this comment Marcus, cause you deserve to know how brilliant you are.

  16. katiesarah03

    Wow, amazing job Marcus. I was waiting for a funny ending but was not at
    all disappointed when it didn’t come! It didn’t need it. You are capable of
    so much! Very well done. 

  17. Carabear414

    This was awesome! I absolutely loved it. Not only was it funny in some
    parts but the message around it was great. And the atmosphere was truly
    amazing. I found the scenery breathtaking and you are so lucky you got to
    go to those places! Love you ! Keep making terrific videos like you always
    do ! ☺️

  18. Samantha Q

    This was so beautiful I loved it!!! Great job Marcus I’m glad you’re
    showing people your true colors and what you can achieve when you put your
    mind to it

  19. Taylor Beil

    I like your Linklater style. By that, I mean this: I was unable to decide
    if this was funny or not, or if you even meant for it to be funny. That
    lack of obvious genre made me enjoy this. By the way, whoever directed this
    is absolutely superb. You have the potential to be more than a comedic

  20. Kobe Arcilla

    Marcus, this short film is absolutely a masterpiece!! From personal
    experience, I say these stages are very accurate. I really loved this
    video, and I didn’t even try to change it to another video. The sceneries
    and views are just breathtaking, editing is precise and just beautiful. I
    knew from the first I discovered you, I thought this man has great
    potential and just simply spontaneous. Really adore your work Marcus! I
    will never ever stop loving every single thing about you, and you make my
    gloomy days brighter than ever!

  21. Shahd Jbara

    Marcus I’m a really big fan of you and i heard that you’re traveling to
    every country and you wanna know where to go soo i got soooooo excited and
    i’m from israel and i would be really happy if you came so so so so so
    happy u won’t believe how much i love you 

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