25 thoughts on “5 Stages of Grief When Your Favorite Show Ends

  1. Ricky Anderson II

    If you’ve ever had a favorite TV get canceled, you can related.
    *5 Stages of grief when a TV show ends* #TV #tvshows #canceledshow
    #Feels #netflix 

  2. Stewdippin : Fun Nerdy Videos Every Week

    Community is canceled…don’t touch me #Community #SixSeasonsAndAMovie
    #DarkestTimeline #SaveGreendale #Television

    5 Stages of grief when a TV show ends

  3. JD McKinney

    Let’s see…Firefly, Enlisted, Stargate:Universe,Stargate Atlantis, Eureka,
    Warehouse 13, Happy Days….just so many shows cut down in their prime.

  4. Tanya Brayer

    It’s pretty safe to say that almost every show I ever really loved has been
    unceremoniously cancelled. The ones that still sting are #VeronicaMars
    #Firefly #Angel #ArrestedDevelopment #BoredToDeath and now #Community.
    “Troy and Abed are Forever!”

  5. josephandtoby

    I saw you holding #RadioFreeRoscoe and just…ugh the feels. No one
    understood my RFR feels! I’m so glad to see that someone else loved that
    show too! As far as other shows #Angel #Firefly #Dollhouse
    #InstantStar #Smash and now #Community RIP to them all. ;~:

  6. Despair505

    Don’t worry guys, if we stick together we can overcome this I’m sure

  7. Lisa Longitude

    I was in shock. I’m still in shock and I’m still denial it. I life in
    Germany and this made it even worse, because I can’t get all the seasons on
    DVD. We only got the first tow seasons here in German TV/ DVD marke, (don’t
    watch the dubed version anyway but still huge pain in the ass). And I’m
    broke, so can’t order them from the U.K. and everything hurts so much.
    *sobbing* why?!
    It’s feels like all my friends died in a terrible paintball match… made
    myself sad again.

  8. Josie Bleakley

    Whyyyyyy?!?!?! I just read Donald Glover’s heart wrenching letters and the
    feels were so much. And then I find out Community was cancelled and I just
    ajdjjabdjakxkcfw. And here American Idol is getting renewed for its
    1431477th season and I’m just sitting here in the corner, slowly rocking
    back and forth, contemplating my life’s choices. 

  9. justinaj1999

    I just found out Community got canceled in this comment section. Firefly,
    then Torchwood (maybe?) and now Community. At least we still got Doctor

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