20 thoughts on “5 Stages of Grief

  1. TLoZNarutofan

    @ResidentEvil9125 1) Denial – All the towns people are denying that the
    moon will fall. 2) Anger – The Deku want to kill and blame all there
    problems on the monkey, no reason. 3) Bargaining - The Gorons want there
    dead hero to come back, even though he wont. 4) Depression – The signer in
    the Zora band is dead, everyone is to depressed to do anything. 5)
    Acceptance – On the moon is when Link realizes the only thing to do is
    accept it. Link sees that if he dies,everyone does, so he tries

  2. 0pwaffles

    @TLoZNarutofan i always thought that the fifth was in the canyon where he
    sees the spirits who have accepted death and fights those who haven’t moved

  3. TLoZNarutofan

    @0pwaffles Well ya, but Im just talking about the video. The man was turned
    to a mummy, but his daughter saw him just as he was, and respected that
    about him

  4. H4rdrick

    Old comment, I’m sure it has already been corrected, but : The 5th stage,
    acceptance, is clearly in Ikana canyon. Death seems like a friend for all
    those people. And in the castle, the ghosts decide to fade away to the
    light after the battle… And not only grief, these also are the stages of
    facing our own death. (Thanks DYKG for pointing me out the link between the
    game and grief) This game constantly gets a better estime to my eyes, and
    it’s already my Best Game Ever…

  5. windwaker407

    Well actually, no one even knows he is dead so they aren’t depressed about
    it. You are impersonating Mikau so know one even realizes that he is dead,
    it’s Lulu who is depressed because her eggs were stolen, and now she can’t
    sing, making everyone else start to get sad.

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