25 thoughts on “Damon/Elena/Stefan/Caroline || 5 Stages of Grief {+6×15}

  1. Caro R

    I am in tears, this is a masterpiece…truly, the way you connected these 4
    characters through grief, they’ve lost so many people ;__; You did an
    amazing job, I am in love with this video, although it did make me cry like
    a baby just now

  2. ThePerla551

    OMGGG!!! I can’t… I just can’t… what should I say? This is pure art, oh
    my god! I love it I love it and again… I LOVE IT SO MUCH! This video is
    so incredible and perfect at the same time… gosh…. so many feelings…
    I am crying over here thanks to your amazing video! <3
    I truly love it. <333 

  3. PinkDisney94

    Oh my god. THIS is truly amazing & stunning, wow!! <33 Everything about it
    is PERFECT! I love this so much, though it's so so sad + emotional 🙁 No

  4. GlowingAprilSky

    OMG this is EPIC! I love everything about this, it almost made me cry.
    Subbed! 😀
    Can you please pm me this voiceover? I know it’s from grey’s anatomy but
    the episode is taking forever to download and there is no clip on yt. You
    sending it to me, would make my life easier ahha :)

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