25 thoughts on “emily prentiss | five stages of grief

  1. bensonliv

    amazing job! I know I miss em and its good to see i’m not the only one. But
    now that JJ is back theres hope the team will be ok again! I love all the
    emotions you included in this vid.

  2. BeadedRainbow

    Amazing!!! You picked the perfect quotes to go with this song and the
    theme. I miss Emily too. It really isn’t going to be the same without her.
    I wonder how JJ’s return will be.

  3. Sami Dawnn

    Ahh! This is beautiful, sad but beautiful. Amazing job! <3 About JJ *does
    happy dance*. I needed something to keep me watching cause they were really
    about to lose me as a every week watcher but now that JJ is coming back,
    i'm definitely sticking around :D. Don't feel bad about wanting Paget's
    show to not get picked up cause i'm hoping the same thing. Want JJ and
    Emily back!

  4. storywritersings

    This is really good. She was my favorite character and I miss her so much,
    I’m SO excited that AJ Cook will be back and don’t worry your not the only
    one who wants Paget’s pilot to fail. I do too. Because I miss her that
    badly. Thank goodness CBS finally came to their senses. I honestly was
    loosing hope in this show. Good job! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. bballchick2834

    awe this made me tear up since i miss her but there is a big chance that
    she will come back because her pilot was not picked up by NBC so everyone
    cross your fingers and JJ is back! i want the whole team back… its not
    the same anymore

  6. SSAjacobs1412

    @TsukiNamida09 Oh, c’mon. You can’t say that isn’t mean. I like Elle, but
    it is what it is. I can see why someone would say that, but really? The
    best thing?

  7. TsukiNamida09

    Yes. That’s what I believe. When I see the episodes with her I find her
    just…Awkward. Like a piece to a puzzle that you couldn’t quite fit in.
    While Emily was brought in and not trusted because of it, she fits in
    perfectly. I love the chemistry, Elle didn’t have that.

  8. Angela Poole

    “Wishing she was here.” Aw, Hotch. Even though he knew she was alive, he
    had to have been feeling their grief on top of his own guilt for keeping it
    a secret.

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