25 thoughts on “Majora’s Mask – Five Stages of Grief

  1. 1996davec

    What the fuck are you people commenting on this video awwing about lol.
    This game is fucking sad. And great explanation BTW. I liked the video.
    Hopefully Majora’s mask will get re-released for n3ds, so I can finally
    play this.

  2. IMShadow007

    don’t worry. they only “d’aawed” at my voice, not the video itself (trust
    me, its embarrassing as it is lol) but thank you and i agree. this game is
    depressing as fuck lol. and i would LOVE to have MM on 3DS!! 😀

  3. mxc82

    The manga is slightly different and shows how the mask came to be. I do
    know that it is the darkest zelda game ever made. I don’t mean to make a
    correction off the bat but none of the zoras knew about mikau’s death,
    maybe miju (oceanographer)

  4. kenisu3000

    While “cute” isn’t quite the right word I’d pick to describe your voice, I
    do have to say your narration, and the music, were perfect. The combination
    sucked me right in. Excellent video, even if the theory/discovery wasn’t
    yours. (I came across this theory a few weeks back, but it didn’t truly
    sink in until about half an hour ago how well it fits together.)

  5. Nukerforever

    I never thought of it that way. I have completed this game 21 times, but I
    never would have thought of this. I must ask, how on Earth did you think up
    this message?

  6. mxc82

    Don’t forget about the ranch, they’re rivals (the gormon brothers) wanted
    to sabatoge romani’s ranch and how their’s is falling apart after the death
    of their dad. First a boulder blocks their only way out, and the alien
    invasion and romani doesn’t believe her sister how it’s happening and why
    cows go missing.

  7. mxc82

    In the manga, the deku king was going to kill other animals besides the
    monkey, such as the turtles. I also love the kafei and anju quest.

  8. Nicco Shephard

    I never thought that Majora’s Mask reflected the 5 stages of grief. I never
    understood the bargaining part but I can just search it up. I wonder if it
    has anything to do with Nintendo during the time the game was made or that
    they are sending hidden messages about the 5 stages of grief. Finding out
    about this makes my very sad.

  9. IMShadow007

    actually no the order of the timeline is: SS – MC – FS – OoT *Timeline
    Splits into 3* Child Timeline – MM – TP – FSA Adult Timeline – WW – PH – ST
    Failure Timeline – ALttP – Oracle Games – LA – Z1 – Z2

  10. IMShadow007

    i understand. though if you want to make you theory more consistent and
    valid, i would say: At the end of Majora’s Mask, Link leaves Termina
    without a fairy, thus turning into the Hero’s Shade from Twilight Princess
    (which is confirmed that the Hero’s Shade is Link from Ocarina of Time)
    which is possibly the result of not only the Five Stages of Grief, but
    making the Acceptance Stage more believable. He never found his best friend
    Navi in Termina, so he accepted his fate. Without her, he died

  11. Keith Millar

    LINK WAS THE DEAD ONE!!!! First of all, the scenery just would only be that
    for a reason if was was dreaming about his emotions for himself. Second, he
    could have been grieving over himself, as he was confronted with death.
    Last of all, all the real masks are dead people, so if they are the ones
    who can transform into elegy of emptiness statues, why can link?

  12. Arae Barajas

    The five stages of grief are of Link. Theorists have concluded that Link
    died in the lost woods and is facing himself as he is to accept that he is
    dead. As he fell through that bottomless pit, HE DIED. DABDA shows Link
    trying to go through death. Link accepts his own death in the Stone Tower
    Temple, by playing the Elegy of Emptiness, he makes clones of the form that
    he is currently in, and the masks are of beings that are dead, and somehow
    he is able to create a clone of himself as well. This tells us that Link is
    the one that’s dead. AND do you remember the first person that talked to
    you in Clock Town? What did he say? “You have met wih a terrible fate,
    haven’t you?” You assume he means being turned into a Deku Scrub, but when
    being turned into a Deku Scrub, it’s about Link dying. And this game
    represents much more than Link dying and saving Clock Town. It has an
    emotional feel to the game. Have you lost someone in your life and don’t
    want to accept that he’s/she’s gone? Are you experiencing betrayal? The
    Skull Kid’s story will speak to you then. And so will Link’s.

  13. John logan

    BTW, the video could be even better if you corrected one thing–the Gorons,
    it’s the dead hero who desperately tries to bargain with Link to bring him
    back to life.

  14. Mike Sauer

    This is perfect. Perfect perfect. It accurately defines the feelings one
    gets for each of those areas when first playing through this game as a

  15. GregTom2

    I would argue that the Gorons are not really bargaining, and that they also
    are in the depression phase (one of the only character that openly cries of
    grief is the goron child). No… the bargaining is the side quest that
    brings you to the ranch. In clock town, the people who are not in denial
    attempt to flee to the countryside to save their lives. This is bargaining.
    I would also argue that Link never truly completely accepts death, as he
    fights against it all the way through the game, (and eventually suceeds at
    saving the world), although he never finds Navi again. I would put him in
    the bargaining category as well. The use of the song of time can also be
    seen as denial.
    True acceptance is more subtle and more significant. There’s only two
    characters who go into clock town in their very final moments. These two
    characters were given the chance to try to escape, the chance to bargain
    against death but they face it head on to spend their final moments with
    each other. The both take the risk to meet their end alone just so that
    they can find each other, and meet their end in each other’s embrace. Never
    in a videogame have I seen a truer symbol of love and of acceptance.
    Sometimes I think to myself that Anju and Kafei were the true protagonists
    of the story. The only two that went through their journey of grief

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