25 thoughts on “Multifandom | 5 Stages of Grief

  1. BlackVioletsx

    This was so emotional. Oh my god. I don’t know what to say other than
    aghhhhhhhh. I love your editing! It just brought that feel to life with the
    song and the voiceovers and scenes you chose. Such a beautiful and sad
    video :’)<3

  2. Yoshi.

    My god, Celine
    you’re *unbelievable*
    love every single part of it. ♥
    especially with Raven and ‘sucks but I’m dealing with it’
    true freaking masterpiece

  3. Julia36229

    it turned out just amazing. i was actually surprised about the length of
    this bc i thought it will be way longer.. well, bc of the stages and quotes
    and all the scenes we were talking about. but you made it so compact! and
    it’s a good thing bc i always do the video around like 4-5 min and people
    got tired af 😀
    i already saw a half of it so … *i’m happy af that i made you watch tas*
    gwen’s death is the most heartbreaking moment.. and btw they broke up a
    week ago or so *i’m still crying* everyday… and the music IS SO
    IMPORTANT! also i’m very please that you add hanna and savanna.. awhh ♥
    and the last piece with hazel.. made me so sad and kind of happy at the
    same time. i adore this movie and i don’t give a fuck that it’s overpopular
    or stupid, or mainstream.. i love this video. i love you goddess. thank you
    so much for dedication! :)

  4. jemwhisper

    This is absolutly ….
    Indescriptible ♥
    How powerfull the quote lead us into every emotion It’s incredible how
    truth the stage can be. For someone who past trough it I mean that would be
    the way I would have describe it.
    Your work is pure gold as always.

  5. Sweetie2566

    oh my god, Celine!!
    i have no words. i even don’t know what i feel at the moment
    that was, wow. i just i felt each second of this video. i’m soo speechless
    it was the best. and damn that video is the best which i saw from a long
    time and omg what have you done to me?
    my fav video from you!!<3

  6. iForeverYooung

    what is this mASTERPIECE?!!
    I LOVE IT, it was painful to watch but damnn, the editing and the whole
    dynamic flows perfectly!
    you are an artist guuurl!<3

  7. cloudxshadow

    Oh my god I am speechless
    How you manage to get such a powerful and emotionally beautiful video out
    of one quote, I adore you seriously <3
    Everything about this is just perfect I love it so much hun <3

  8. EnchantedxPassion

    Guys, thank you so much for all the feedback I get on this video, I’m
    speechless and you all put a smile on my face 🙂 I couldn’t be happier
    about it. So thanks for every single nice word! <3

  9. Stina Oedegaard

    you are such an inspiration celine! so painful, yet so beautiful ♥
    your videoes never seem to disappoint me. I JUST LOVE YOUR TALENT SO MUCH

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