25 thoughts on “Pregnant with Pacey: 8wks today | pregnancy symptoms | stages of grief | more gifts to open!

  1. Lori Nicolls

    I can’t begin to tell you, how much your journey with your husbands death
    parallels mine. Not with the pregnancy, but with the spiritual journey
    after Royce’s untimely death. James VanPraagh is an amazing author & you
    will LOVE the books you chose. It wasn’t until after my Soul Mates death,
    that I became intensely attuned to Spirit. I hear from him all the time now
    & if you have an open mind, thru this journey, you will discover how much
    Royce is trying to reach out to you….thru signs & in ways that you have
    to pay close attention to. Sort of like a whisper, very very quiet & if
    your not listening then you’ll miss it!
    Please remember that you will get thru this. The one thing that helped push
    me thru the intense grieving & pain, are these simple words: “This too
    shall pass…”

  2. OhDetty

    Kristy.. do you remember when I told you that don’t freak out something
    else is coming your way just remember that Royce +Kristy = Love and
    Pacey, that’s the gold necklace that i ordered for you way back ,was hoping
    it came with the first gift:) LOL. ah… that was from me and Andy..Please
    don’t kill me:) (us:) ) Sorry hon!! I forgot to put a note on it with the
    order:) from Detty and Andy P.s i’m really excited about the announcement
    (so good to hear there’s upcoming good news for you) and good for you with
    the books! Try and find something that you love to do with a passion or
    something that you can do and build on that from home if you’re interested
    to doing something at home for some finances. btw sore boobs are normal I
    used sportsbras from Big W alot the first trimester. Also they are really
    good books! XO Andy and Detty:) P.s I truly believe that Royce is watching
    over you:) XO

  3. summertime189

    There may be some people who want you to get the scan to fulfill their own
    excitement etc, but I think you’re doing the right thing by not getting it
    Knowing now won’t change the outcome (good or bad) so for now just enjoy
    your pregnancy, enjoy the extra attention that pregnancy brings, enjoy the
    feeling of knowing there is a little person inside you, enjoy having
    something else to focus on and you will find out the result naturally
    anytime between now and when you are 40 weeks. Don’t give up hope! You have
    come this far already 🙂 

  4. blackbettybamf

    Girl, you have the most beautiful glow. Normally I would blame the
    pregnancy alone, but I think it’s Royce shining through you and you are
    definitely his proudy 🙂 I am definitely going to at least send a postcard.
    I had something small made for you that I think you will love (I hope it
    doesn’t make you cry!) but unfortunately the shipping from Kansas to
    Australia costs more than what I had made for you. Haha. I am sending you
    so many positive vibes. I work overnights right now and have crap hours and
    benefits though I do love my job. It’s bittersweet, but I am currently
    looking for a new job with hopefully better pay, benefits, and hours so I
    can afford to have enough extra cash for post! Sending my heart to you!
    Also I just saw a response to a prior comment though I think I have shared
    all the info in video comments by now. Instagram private messages – I’m not
    sure if your Aussie app is the same as the US app, but for us, when you’re
    at the top of your feed, there’s a button at the top right that looks like
    a box with no lid with a small semi circle dip in the front, for lack of a
    better way to describe it. You have to be at the top/most recent of your IG
    feed to have the button appear. If you click it, it will take you to an
    inbox of sorts. I bet yours is flooded <3 here for you anytime, pretty girl
    and sweet baby Pacey. I'm sure to some it would sound crazy to have such
    love for a stranger across the world you've only seen in 2-30 minute
    increments on YouTube, but I know there are many others who also love you
    as if you were their best friend. Keep smiling as Much as you can. You're
    too pretty to frown, and you know that Royce would agree! <333

  5. Chrissj89

    Johnson’s is definitely popular in America 🙂

    (Just a little side note: be careful with baby powder because it’s actually
    pretty bad for little ones to inhale.)

  6. stephieack

    It’s good that you’re getting moments of bits of happiness coming through.
    Royce really wouldn’t want you to be miserable and sad. Obviously it is
    still very early day’s and this is a pain that will always be with you, it
    will be a very long road, but never feel bad for those time’s when you can
    feel a little bit of being ok with life. Much love to you and as ever,
    major sticky vibes to Pacey xx

  7. Holly Dillmann

    You look absolutely beautiful! You really can rock a head band. Very Earthy
    and Goddessy. Here in the states, Johnson&Johnson is a big brand as well. I
    love the Honey Apple lotion and wash for baby. They also have a Lavender
    for bedtime. Girl, be prepared, once we know Pacey is here to stay for good
    (which I feel very positively about) be prepared for the baby supply
    packages to come rolling in! All of us Girls should put on an online Baby
    Shower for you. How fun would that be?! I’m already wanting to get stuff
    for the tough little broad 😉 You are so strong, Kristy. more than you
    know. You’re a fighter and an inspiration to us all. xox

    Oh, and I love your stage exit when you left to get your books. You had me
    laughing. 😀 

  8. jessica henderson

    hun I’m right there with you, next time I will wait and not have a very
    early scan like last time and have all that unnecessary stress for no
    reason. I was so scared and nervoius and it turned out my baby was perfect!
    So next time I’ll save myself from that and wait, I will wait until around
    9 weeks next time, btw I’m in my 2ww so cross your fingers for me. This is
    my first cycle on 3 years!

  9. TheMysticsoul77

    I will continue to pray for both you and Pacey. My daughter only had a
    0.03% chance of being conceived. She’s our miracle on earth. HUGS and

  10. TheBabybound

    Sending you hugs and love! I love James van progue. I’ve read a few of his
    books and watched him in interviews on tv. He’s a very gentle sweet spirit.
    I hope you consider doing book reviews on the two you recently purchased. I
    think it would be very helpful to people who are also grieving. I’ll be
    sending your package out soon. I’m looking for one more item that we think
    you will really enjoy:)

  11. Kendra B

    So glad you got a PO Box!
    I think waiting is a good idea because Pacey will be more developed now and
    you should be able to hear a strong heartbeat. But I know of crazy stories
    where women were in the same situation you are in with the baby and they
    couldn’t hear a heart beat until their 2nd trimester. I hope Pacey will
    have a strong heart by your 9 week appointment! I cannot wait to hear the
    news that you have!!
    I absolutely love those necklaces your friends got you! How sweet!!
    I hope joy keeps coming your way!!

  12. Heartships of Hope

    You look gorgeous dahling!!! I just love seeing updates from you Kristy.
    I’m so glad you are starting to feel some moments of happiness and
    laughter. I know you are still in so much grief and pain, but it is so good
    to see you smile. I’m so thankful that so many people are supporting you
    and you are feeling loved (because you are!!!!!). Yay for some pregnancy
    symptoms! You do whatever is best for you as it relates to the ultrasound.
    I totally understand wanting to wait! Keep talking to sweet Pacey and let
    him/her know how much they are loved! 

  13. Jennifer Fontan

    Again nice gifts, I love the necklace with y’all’s name on it! I’m glad you
    have a P.o. Box now 🙂 The morning sickness and other symptoms are a good
    sign for your pregnancy. I’m really thinking it was just too early last
    time. I understand you wanting to wait. I didn’t even have my first
    appointment/ultrasound until 9 weeks with my son. Praying all goes well at
    your 9 week appointment. You will continue to be in my prayers! 

  14. mh3rdwheel

    Honey your emotions are all over the place because you are grieving and
    pregnant at the same time. A friend of mine lost her a few years ago and
    she started having somethings happen around her house that showed her
    husband was watching over her.
    She would find pennies throughout the house, he was somehow leaving them
    I have a feeling that I know what your secret is but I will not say

  15. Eventual Momma

    You look so great in your video today! Happy 8 weeks!! Johnsons is pretty
    popular here in the US, as well as Aveeno. I am still trying to guess at
    what your surprise is!!! You are stressing me out lol (not really, but I’m
    super crazy excited for what it could be)

  16. BBhopes

    So glad you have a PO box! You look stunning today. What a thoughtful
    necklace from Israel. And I love that you have both gold and silver! I hope
    you wake up sick every day, love! Little Pacey is making a home!

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