13 thoughts on “Preparing For Surgery | 5 Stages Of Grief

  1. Kristy Edgerton

    Thank you Daniel! That really means a lot. I didn’t know I could affect so
    many people in such a positive way. I can’t wait to do more and meet some
    more amazing people like you! Some of your comments have really pushed me
    through. I can’t thank you more for your shining example to me.

  2. Daniel R

    Absolutely my pleasure..I just really admire what you do considering what
    your going through and feel its my job (and others) to show appreciation
    and try and do something to help you in return. You have affected people in
    a positive way including me on the other side of the world!

  3. Trevor Brant

    The “fuck you!” when you see someone running made me laugh XD Yeah, I’m
    about 8 months post op hypocure and am having more problems than before
    which….well it sucks. Considering another more invasive round of surgerys
    when I get the break from school and my finanacial situation improves (if
    that ever happens).

  4. Trevor Brant

    Anyways, less than 4 years ago running and walking was how I dealt with my
    problems..it was almost spritual…my dream was to walk around the world
    and experience reality as it is firsthand. Now I feel like I go through all
    five stages every day; the only real problem in my life is my feet.
    Everything else seems overcomable with a little clever thinking and
    self-reliance. Anyways, it is a pleasure to find someone that knows what
    this is like.

  5. Kristy Edgerton

    I love that you mention that running and walking is how you relieved
    stress.. I recently came across a very intense situation emotional and had
    a sudden urge to run out my door but wasn’t able to since i’m still
    non-weight baring and I ended up punching the floor instead. It is hard to
    get used to having such a serious problem. Please reach out to me. I would
    love to help in anyway that I can.

  6. heather laing

    Hey I didn’t have surgery but I have broken the top of my fifth metatarsal.
    I did it two months I have a walking cast I find really differcult to walk
    in especially without my crutches it’s hard.

  7. Lindsay Ashley

    Thank you!!!
    I know what you mean when you said you had just started out with your
    freedom. I am 18 just got my car and had started working full time at a job
    that I loved. I have always had trouble with pain in both my feet. I had my
    first at age 11 and that was hard I went from racing with my brothers to
    not even being able to stand,walk, or anything at all with out being in
    pain. My dad would come and wake my up because I was crying in my sleep
    from hurting so much. But after my first surgery which by the way was 2
    days after christmas which sucked for a little kid. After weeks of cast and
    walking boots I had some relief oh by the way the did both feet at the same
    time awful. It was nice not to hurt all the time. I still to this day have
    never been able to run again or even be able to stay on them for long
    periods of time without horrid pain. But I would never tell anyone what I
    was really going through. It was hard to watch my brothers play,run,do
    sports,and all I could do was watch, and have them ask why I did run around
    and play or why I didn’t like going place such as the zoo or field trips.
    It was because it hurt so bad and I didn’t like to be around them and my
    friends and see them having so much fun while knowing I couldn’t . Wow I’m
    crying as I write this done these are things I have never said or told
    anyone before I hurts but it feels so good letting it out.anyways back to
    my story I had forced myself into working through the pain and being able
    to keep my first job that I loved and I had been able to this for a year
    and was just living in pain but I loved working.i was then ask to work full
    time and I said yes.i was so happy but it didn’t last. Four months after
    starting full time as soon as I got home and set down I could not stand
    back up.just trying to touch my feet to the floor was unbearable but
    somehow I pushed myself through for the first couple of months but I could
    live like that I would cry all the way to work in pain throughout the day I
    would have to go in the bathroom holding my hands over my mouth and just
    cry from pain. Take launch break and go sit in my car and rub my feet and
    cry.anyways you can see I did a lot of crying. But still I would tell know
    one. But in December of last year I told my mom I could not live like that
    for one more day but the hard part was telling work I had to leave. Well
    after going to one doctor we changed doctors got the answer from both.
    Fusion was my only choice. 

  8. Lindsay Ashley

    So on February 25 of this year I had triple arthordesis foot surgery. It
    was much harder then I thought it would be. I will never be able to move my
    foot or run but if it takes the pain away it will be worth it. I am on
    stage one I think I want talk about it to anyone.well I have just finished
    week three post op only 6-9 more weeks and then I get to do the other foot.
    Being non weight bearing is really hard much harder then I thought.thank
    you I love listening to you.

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