25 thoughts on “Slip Goes Through The Five Stages of Grief Thanks to WWE 2K15

  1. Quavion Deering

    Wtf happened to your AI? Geez not even my Money in the Bank take that long
    at all. Why did they constantly just fall off when they were at the top and
    able to get it!!??

  2. Daniel Jemiolo

    Awesomely funny video! Thanks for the upload. The Uptown Funk cover as one
    of the best things to help me get through this. Could I get an mp3? I look
    for funny things like that to add to my DJ set.

  3. wwefan4life4evr

    So is “What the fuck is Taker doing up there!?!” the acceptance that the
    match lasted as long as it did? When was the denial?

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