16 thoughts on “The Problem with Majora’s Mask and the 5 Stages of Grief

  1. psovegeta

    I dunno about your arguments. They’re not that convincing. Yes, Link does
    solve the problems of the people of Termina, but it can still be understood
    as Link coping with death. The fact that Link transforms into dead people
    and create statue eulogies of dead people, including his own statue leads
    me to think the game is really about Link coping with his own death. Plus
    had Link still been in the very same world of the living, the moon would
    not have grown a creepy face.

  2. Tristan Harris

    I personally don’t agree with your argument I recently replayed majoras
    mask and noticed a few things.
    First off in Ikana link isn’t accepting his fate it’s the spirits accepting
    there fate for example after king garo is defeated he accepts his fate and
    commits suicide same with every other garo in ikana.

    Second when you said mikou is just Being a good band member your wrong in
    the game as I recall mikou and lulu were in love and mikou wanted to save
    the great bay because there’s no other place to live in termina so he had
    to defend great bay from majora and the pirates at the same time leading to
    his demise leaving lulu very depressed because mikous dead she lost her
    eggs and now the zora race may lose the great bay

    Lastly at the start of the game link falls down a giant hole and probably
    dies so link grieves his own death by visiting the five stages in termina
    and the name termina sounds a lot like the word terminal

  3. Chibi Abel

    As much as I see you are very enthusiastic about this topic remember, even
    with your evidence it is just a theory. People have their own opinions and
    some seem like they can be very true however your argument does not seem to
    hold as much water. if you really want to go into Zelda lore remember this.
    Link is fated to become a stalfos as are the ways of an outside going in to
    the lost woods. It is inevitable. This is why I support the Link is dead

  4. Chibi Abel

    Well if you look at the concept of Zelda especially from the beginning,
    every link ,Zelda and ganon is a descendent of the originals from skyward
    sword. Also if you look at the hero’s shade it is basically a stalfos
    teaching the moves to the next link. If he did die early this would make
    sense that he had regrets and a part of him lived on as the staff’s to
    teach his moves

  5. Chibi Abel

    And yes he would still be the hero of time because even though he is young
    he still learned all those moves and was in fact the one who saved hyrule

  6. Chibi Abel

    Yeah I hear you. It was the same thing I thought at first to. Just remember
    though that it is just a theory yet what you did was try to disprove the
    theme if stages of grief in majoras mask. I presented evidence to support
    it through another’s research. While yea he may not exactly be dead but the
    different places representations would still be the same. He was not
    grieving over navi since her counter part tatl was there giving him someone
    to make it through his journey

  7. Eduardo Zepeda

    By the way termina is Latin for end you can make up your own conclusion if
    you want but it makes sense when you analyze it with the 5 stages but
    everyones entitled to their own opinions

  8. Pinkie Kirkland

    How i feel about the theory is that each city had an important icon to
    represent the stage of grief, not always the entire town, and the rest of
    this part of the Zelda timeline could take place in links mind/dead lands
    (depending on how you interpret the theory) 

  9. SuperSmashBoiz

    The main point of the theory is that each of the 5 stages of grief are
    being represented in each area it doesn’t really matter whether it’s
    everyone or whether it’s one or two people now the part about Navi Nintendo
    CLEARLY states that Link’s quest when he first starts out before he gets
    attacked by the skull child is to find an old friend who left him in his
    last journey. Who left Link at the end of OoT? NAVI! Which old friend is
    Nintendo insinuating to? NAVI!! Another thing. You clearly don’t know the
    Ikana Valley part of the theory. Watch Game Theory’s video on this. You
    left out important facts with Ikana Valley. Don’t make a video disproving
    what you don’t know completely!

  10. JingleMallet

    ALL the dekus in the palace hate the monkey. We see that. Even the princess
    her self represents rage when she talks to the king again. This is solid
    evidence that the deku palace represents anger. Not only darmoni bargained.
    If you talk to the gorons, they all would seem to do anything to make the
    baby stop crying. 

  11. JingleMallet

    The beginning of the game heavily implies navi. It said link is looking for
    a friend who left him. At the end of OOT navi left link. Navi was Links
    closest friend, it would make sense that link is grieving the loss of her.
    Also, when the game finishes that text it makes a fairy sound for really no
    reason. Could be implying navi.

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