The Stages of Grief for Men After a Breakup

The Stages of Grief for Men

men and griefMen seem to be the strongest sex in the society such that dealing with issues of grief would be such an easy nut to crack. It may not be so because they also go through the stages of grief and some may get stuck before they go very far with the process, especially when it is about breakups.

Denial is the first stage of grief and men should not get stuck here. Denial should be a short lived process so that it can allow for other stages to follow. Men should not feel comfortable at this stage, because it will be hard to move on.

At some point, men would think that they can deal with break up so easily. Yes, it might not cost him a thing at that time, but what follows is what hits like bombshell. The feeling of anger, loneliness and pain is what they tend to deny.

Men have always been in control and losing that will be very traumatizing; they may feel they no longer belong to the class of men. They cannot live well with their environment with the thought that they are no longer the decision makers. When a woman breaks up with a man, it is difficult for him to take the thought that he was dumped by a woman. This degrades his position in the relationship.

Since ages, men have internalized that they are the bread winners, decision makers, hunters and the head in a relationship. Any interference with these conditions will make a make lose meaning and role of his life in a relationship. A man getting stuck in denial is a way of trying to maintain his roles, protect his ego and remain at the same level in male dominance.

Women need to help men retain their positions in the society because if they happen to get stuck in self-denial, they might end up being destroyed in future. After a man goes beyond denial stage, he can probably destroy his life having gone through a very rough time with grieving.

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